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Obedience Training

Basic Obedience

4 Lesson Program
$ 525
  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 6 Guaranteed Commands
  • “Come,” “Sit,” and “Extended Sit.”
  • “Down” and “Extended Down.”
  • “Place” and “Extended Place.”
  • “Out.”
  • “Loose Leash Walking.”
  • Off (Stop Doing What You're Doing)​
  • **Extended sit, down, and place means your dog will REMAIN in the down, sit, or place position until YOU tell them to “break” (release them).

2 Week
Board & Train​

100% Obedience w/ Lifetime Refreshers!​
$ 2395
  • This 2-week program is a program which focuses on practical, everyday obedience that is completed with a high level of precision, outside, off-leash, with distractions! This program provides a little bit of everything, including manners and socialization (dogs and people). All behaviors are taught with high-level distraction proofing.
  • Sit (& Extended Sit)
  • Down (& Extended Down)​
  • Place (& Extended Place)
  • Loose Leash and Off-Leash Walking Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
  • Greeting Manners (not jumping)
  • Waiting politely at doors and gates (wait when they are opened until you release them)
  • Waiting politely for meals (wait until they are released)
  • Training with distractions (dogs and people)
  • Greeting Manners - Door Manners - Meal Manners​
  • Place and Extended Place (Jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there until released)
  • Heel Command (off-leash, will come around the right side of your body and sit down right beside of your left leg).
  • After completion of the training, owner will be provided with a 2 hour one-on-one session which will detail everything their companion does, how to handle them, and how to properly control them.
Most Popular

1 Week
Board & Train​

1 Week Program
$ 1395
  • 100% Obedience w/ Lifetime Refresher
  • 1 Week of Immersive Training​
  • Dog will board with a Pro Trainer​
  • 3 Guaranteed Commands​
  • Full Off Leash Recall (Freedom)​
  • Place (& Extended Place)​
  • Sit (& Extended Sit)​
  • Recall in Multiple Distractions in Multiple Environments​
  • Greeting Manners - Door Manners - Meal Manners​
  • After completion, owner will receive a 1.5 hr one-on-one session to detail everything their dog does, and how to properly handle them​

Advanced Obedience (single lesson)

Individual Lessons
$ 100
  • Your dog must finish our Basic Obedience Package before we will teach them advanced lessons!
  • Extended distance obedience (your dog will be sitting/downing on command from 50+ yards away from you)
  • Heel command (they come running, go around you and sit down right beside your left leg)
  • Watch command (stare at you until you release them)
  • Through command (go in between your legs and sit down)
  • Stand command (they will assume a standing position on command)
  • Front command (they will come running and sit directly in front of you no matter where they are)
  • Focused heeling (will stare at you the entire time they heel)
  • Touch command (they will run up and stand up against anything you point to)

Basic & Advanced

8 Week Program
$ 850
  • This package is for those who really want their dog to be rock-stars!
  • 8 Private Lessons​
  • First 4 lessons include commands from Basic Obedience Training
  • Final 4 lessons are Advanced Obedience Lessons
  • Large Variety of Advanced Commands Learned
  • Extended distance obedience
  • "Heel"
  • "Watch"
  • "Through"
  • "Front"
  • "Stand"
  • ...and More!

Aggression, Reactivity, & Anxiety Training

Dog Aggression & Reactivity Training

8 Week Program
$ 850
  • Does your dog have issues with dog aggression, dog reactivity, or simply go over the top when it comes to other dogs being around? If so, this is a specially designed program may be the best option for you and your dog.

Aggressive Dog
Board & Train

2 Week Program​
$ 2895
  • Does your dog have issues with aggression towards people or other dogs, reactivity, or anxiety?
  • This program incorporates the elements of our standard 2 Week Board & Train, but is designed for dogs who display aggressive behaviors. The program consists of an initial consultation, then we move to 1-on-1 training where the trainer will focus on basic obedience and behavioral work specific to your dog's needs.
  • After completion of the training, owner will be provided with a 2 hour one-on-one session which will detail everything their companion does, how to handle them, and how to properly control them.

Puppy Training

(For Pups < 5 months)

Online Puppy
Training Course

Online Video Training Course
$ 199
  • Puppies are happy, cute, distracted bundles of fur.
  • With how dang difficult it is to get their attention, most people are proud to get them to sit.
  • While that is a great accomplishment (seriously…) having a solid puppy is much more than just having your puppy sit on command.
  • Off Leash K9 has created the Ultimate Puppy Course!
  • Off Leash K9 has created the Ultimate Puppy Course!
  • This video course contains 24 videos modules, 8 worksheets, and 3 hours of training content that will teach you to:
  • Have Your Pup Potty Trained in Record Time​
  • Create A Confident Pup in all Situations and Environments
  • Ensure Your Pup LOVES their Crate​
  • Become the Best Pack Leader
  • Teach All Basic Commands Using A Marker and Reward
  • Prevent & Diagnose the Most Common Puppy Problems
  • And so much more!

Puppy Training Consultation

Curriculum & Expectations
$ 100
  • This will give your new pup a good foundation for basic obedience! Also, during the training, Offleash K9 can teach you how to house train your dog in order for it to quit having accidents in the house! Additionally, Offleash K9 will train it to let you know when it has to go outside! During these sessions, Offleash K9 also answer any questions you have regarding your new pup or its’ training.
  • Puppy Obedience Curriculum Introduction To: “Come” “Down” “Sit” “Crate Training” “Teaching Pup to let YOU know he/she has to potty” “Leave it”


Basic Commands

Come: Dog will come when called
Sit (and Extended Sit): Dog will sit on-command and hold their “sit” until they are released
Down (and Extended Down): Dog will lie down and stay until released
Place: Dog will sit on a specific location/object that you point to (chair, park bench, etc) and remain on the object until released
Loose Leash Walking: (walk right beside of you on a leash)
Off: (Dog will not jump on you or anyone else)

Advanced Commands

Extended Distance Obedience: Dog will obey commands from a distance of 50+ yards
Heel: Dog will come to you and sit behind your left leg
Watch: Dog will stare at you until released
Through: Dog will go in between your legs and sit
Stand: Dog will rise from a Sit or Down position
Front: Dog will come to you and sit in front of you
Focused Heel: Dog will stare at you the entire time they heel
Touch: Dog will stand up against anything you point to
Casting/Send Away/Load-Up: Dog is sent away to the desired location (example: Load into vehicle or crate)
Leave It: Dog will not touch or eat something
Greeting Manners: Dog will greet strangers (at the door or on the street) politely – without jumping
Meal Manners: Dog will wait politely for meals until released
Door Manners: Dog will wait politely at doors and gates until they are opened and the dog is released

General Obedience Terms

Break: a cue that the dog may release from a command.
Aggression: When a dog displays the threat of harm to another individual or dog – involving snarling, growling, snapping, biting, barking, or lunging, we call this aggression. Aggression can be due to guarding territory or protecting a family member, resource guarding, fear, frustration, prey drive, or pain. NOTE: It is impossible to guarantee complete fixes of major behavioral issues such as dog aggression/people aggression. We can give you control and better help manage these issues.
Reactivity: Commonly confused with aggression. Reactive dogs overreact to certain things or situations. Reactivity can be due to genetics, lack of proper socialization, or a combination of the two and is typically driven by fear. Reactive dogs may have specific triggers, such as men with beards or hats, small children, or a leash.
Distractions: Distractions can be sounds, smells, other humans, dogs, or other stimuli that detract from a dog’s ability to remain focused.
Marker: A marker is just a stimulus that pinpoints the behavior used to earn a reward. It can be a clicker, a verbal cue (“Good Boy!”), or other.

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